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Top Ten Kentucky Derby Fashion Tips

Wear a hat to the Kentucky Derby!

Wear a hat to the Kentucky Derby!

The Kentucky Derby is set for May 4, 2013. Do you have your outfit ready? Are you wearing comfortable shoes? Be prepared and check out the top ten best fashion tips for the Kentucky Derby so you can spend your day at the historic Churchill Downs looking flawless and fantastic!

1. Shop Early
Don’t wait until the day before the Kentucky Derby to look for a nice fitting jacket or dress. An event like the Kentucky Derby should be properly outfitted, which takes time.

2. It’s All About The Hat
If you’re going to the Kentucky Derby you must wear a hat. The hat can be big or small, handmade or bought from a custom millinery store. Don’t be a weirdo, wear a hat!

3. Fashion Meets Function
Wearing a huge Kentucky Derby hat is all part of the fun. But if you can’t get in and out of the bathroom stall because your extremely large hat is too big you’re going to run into problems. There is a fine line between dressing up for the Kentucky Derby and shopping for a Halloween costume. Remember, the Kentucky Derby is in May, so costume hats and clothing are absolutely out.

Bring a spare pair of flip-flops or ballet flats to the Kentucky Derby.

Keep your feet happy! Bring a spare pair of flip-flops or ballet flats to the Kentucky Derby so your feet stay happy and comfortable all day long.

4. Bring A Spare Pair
It’s not okay to walk around Churchill Downs barefoot. Period. If your feet hurt simply change your shoes. If you’ve had one two many Mint Juleps and gravity is winning the fight, change out of your heels and into your flats. Whatever you do, do not go barefoot. Stash a pair of flip-flops or ballet flats into your bag. You’ll thank me walking to and from the car!

5. Dress Up
Dressing up is better than dressing down. Don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops and glam it up a bit. It’s always better to be over dressed than under dressed at the Kentucky Derby. You never know, you may be invited to the Turf Club to drink a glass of celebratory champagne!

6. Be Bold and Colorful
If you wear beige everyday at your boring everyday nine-to-fiver, spruce things up with a bright bold colorful suit or dress. The change will certainly put you into character for the Kentucky Derby. You may even get a little lucky!

7. Simple Jewelry
There is no need for large pieces of jewelry for the Kentucky Derby. The hat is your main accessory. Try not to pull the attention away from your pretty hat with chunky necklaces.

A clear poncho will protect yo from the rain but still allow you to show off your Kentucky Derby dress.

A clear poncho will protect you from the rain and is easy to fold up to carry in your clutch.

8. Pack A Poncho
You cannot bring an umbrella into Churchill Downs. The weather is extremely unpredictable in Kentucky during the month of May. Your best bet is to pack a poncho. Grab a clear poncho from your local drug store and slip it into your bag.

9. Small Bags
Keep your bag small. Use a clutch if possible. Churchill Downs is under tight security and implementing a new set of rules this year. A lady’s purse must not exceed 12 inches. So, simply apply your sunscreen in the car and only carry the essentials, money, I.D., lip-gloss, poncho, and flip-flops, and your phone.

10. Opera Glasses
Opera glasses are a classy alternative to big bulky binoculars. We recommend a pair that hang nicely on a chain necklace to keep your hands free. Opera glasses make it easy to see your winning horse cross the finish line at the Kentucky Derby!

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