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Was Charles Town Scratch of 11-Year-Old Warranted?

By Derek Simon

Charlestown-1This week, social media was all abuzz over a horse named Awesome Actor, who was entered in Thursday’s fourth race — a waiver claiming (think starter allowance) event — at Charles Town Racetrack in Charles Town, West Virginia.

I say “was” because, thanks in large part to pressure brought to bear by racing fans mobilized by social media, the horse was ordered scratched by the state stewards yesterday evening.

Why? Well, that’s where it gets tricky.

Most of the furor seems to stem from the fact that Awesome Actor hasn’t raced since Dec. 23, 2010 — back when Lukas Forchhammer actually was seven years old (not really, but you get the point).

Making the situation worse was the fact that the… (more)