Lady and The Track | August 11, 2022

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Eight Silly Superstitions Horseplayers Have

By Ray Wallin

What are the worse handicapping superstitions?

As kids, we all grew up singing about them.

You didn’t dare “step on a crack” for fear that you might “break your mother’s back.” You were careful to never break a mirror for fear of getting seven years of bad luck. Famous sports figures have had well-documented ones as well. After all, why else would the great third basement Wade Boggs take exactly 150 ground balls and eat chicken before each game. Even Stevie Wonder sang about them.

Of course, I’m talking about superstitions.

Horseplayers are a superstitious group. I admit to being superstitious myself, despite knowing my worries are unfounded and anything that happens can be explained.

After talking to several of my old track cohorts, I compiled a few of the superstitions that horseplayers have either seen or been guilty of over the years… (more)