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Humility And Authenticity: Jockey Pablo Morales Turns A Dream Into Reality

Peruvian Immigrant Living The Racetrack Dream

By Ben Baugh

Jockey Pablo Morales. Photo: Pablo Morales Twitter

The footprint in the shedrow of a young boy literally following in the footsteps of his father provides insight into the life of someone who would pursue and realize his dreams. Those footsteps are leaving an indelible imprint in the world of thoroughbred racing — and they belong to Pablo Morales.

The son and grandson of a trainer, Morales was almost literally born into the sport. In a small house at the end of many of the barns in Limu, Peru, where Morales grew up, generations of horsemen would immerse themselves in the sport.

“That’s where my grandparents lived their whole life,” said Morales. “When I was born, my dad already had his own house. My grandfather’s house was right at the end of the stable in the racetrack. I have pictures on top of horses, almost as a newborn.”

It was a lifestyle that had its benefits, providing Morales with access to horses and experienced horsemen — his family — who willingly would share their insights and knowledge.

“They were always working with me, teaching me how to ride since I was a baby,” said Morales. “So, it definitely facilitated my career.”

Those early lessons would prove invaluable. A trip to Florida at 11 years of age to visit his sister, who lived in Miami, was a defining moment.

“I visited the States with my mom,” said Morales. “My sister’s husband at the time, worked… (more)