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Ransom Notes: Gronkowski Ownership Good For The Game

By Margaret Ransom

Rob Gronkowski buys interest in 2018 Kentucky Derby contender Gronkowski. Photo: New England Patriots

Last summer, at the inaugural Equestricon convention at Saratoga, a young, yet high-profile owner intimated that racing needed to attract more celebrity owners. I won’t quote him directly because I wasn’t in attendance and most of what I read was what was posted on social media, but the negative backlash he received was loud and it was brutal. Anyone who knows anything about racing knows that celebrity ownership could be the least of horse racing’s worries.

I do remember thinking at the time, though, that the person who said this grew up in the game and currently runs one of the more successful ownership syndicates. I also remember at the time that I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that the words didn’t come out right and what he meant was that celebrity ownership was something that could have a positive influence on the game.

So, this week, as I read on every racing website and most mainstream sports outlets, that New England Patriots tight end… (more)