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Three Things To Look For In A Kentucky Derby Winner


What Qualifications Should The Winner Have?

By Derek Simon

Kenucky Derby 2014 Odds Picks and Plays

Who’s your pick for the 144th running of the Kentucky Derby? Does he possess one of these three key things?

In between e-mails informing me that I “may already have won” a prize of considerable value and those beseeching me to be “a better lover” (I didn’t know the word had gotten out), I often get messages from folks asking me what I think of such-and-such Derby contender.

To be honest, most of the time I have no real opinion. Look, I love horse racing, but around Derby time, I get so busy that I barely remember the names of my kids

However, I know folks get a kick out of picking the Kentucky Derby winner, thus giving them the opportunity to remind folks of that fact on social media every day… hour… minute.

So, here are three things to look for in you quest to become an annoying know-it-all:

1) The Kentucky Derby demands a certain amount of precocity. Veteran (a nice way of saying… (more)