Lady and The Track | July 24, 2021

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Riley Asher-Stalbaum Is Up For The Task


Teenager Represents Strong Future For Harness Racing

By John Furgele

Riley Asher-Staulbaum. Photo: Twitter

When you mention harness racing to people, all the stereotypes come out.  Most will say that it is a sport for old people and that young people have no interest in it.

Just when one might start to believe this, you hear stories that revive hope in our great sport.  Schools like Morrisville State have programs in equine racing and management and, each year, the college hosts its annual sale.  Clearly, there is interest by the younger set in harness racing — both the sport and the business.

There are young people both on the scene and on the horizon, giving hope that the sport will carry on for decades to come.  Drew Monti, at age 24, drives at both Buffalo and Batavia; he has also tasted some success at Yonkers and the mecca, the Meadowlands.  He drove horses while attending Canisius College and, even after graduating, he is still driving regularly at both Western New York tracks.

Another youngster on the scene is 18-year old Riley Asher-Stalbaum.  Her name is not new; she is the daughter of driver-trainer Larry Stalbaum and his longtime partner, Kimberly Asher, who trains horses.  Both Larry and Kim have been involved in the sport for years and, now, here comes Riley.  She is the oldest of…. (more)