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Millionaire Stallwalkin’ Dude Retired, Will Become OTTB Ambassador


Multiple Grade 3 Winner Sent To Premier Equine Rehab In California

By Margaret Ransom

Millionaire Stallwalkin’ Dude in retirement at Premier Equine Rehab in California. Photo: Jenny Earhart

David Jacobsen and Head of Plains Partners LLC’s multiple grade 3-winning millionaire Stallwalkin’ Dude has been retired and has taken up residence at Premier Equine Rehab in Orange, California, where he will be both a trail horse and an OTTB breed ambassador, according to PER founder Jenny Earhart.

The 8-year-old son of City Place, who won the 2016 Bold Ruler Handicap (GIII) and 2017 Fall Highweight Handicap (GIII) (and won or placed in 23 other black-type events, including four grade 1s) suffered a basal sesamoid fracture at Zia Park in New Mexico last month with trainer Justin Evans and will be given at least six months off to recuperate, Earhart revealed.

“Justin (Evans) did the right thing with this horse and as soon as he found the injury, retired him,” Earhart said. “He spoke to Howard (Jacobsen, David’s son and assistant) and they contacted me and told me he needed a home. So the arrangements for transportation were made and he arrived here on Monday.

Millionaire Stallwalkin’ Dude and Premier Equine Rehab founder Jenny Earhart. Photo: Jenny Earhart

“(Head of Plains Partners) was completely on board with retiring him and finding him a forever home and they have been very supportive of the decision to send him to me. The racing world could always use responsible owners like them in the game.”

Stallwalkin’ Dude, who started at least once a year for seven years, was bred in Florida by Maria Haire and was claimed from his 15th career start by Jacobsen in 2014 and started 50 more times to amass a record of 65-20-12-11, for earnings of $1,741,397. He capped off his remarkable career last month with a second for Evans in the Zia Park Sprint Stakes.

“He’s by far my most successful retiree,” Earhart said. “But it doesn’t matter, I get Thoroughbreds who never raced, ones that have barely raced and stakes winners like him. One horse I had just won the CARMA (California Retirement Management Account) Jockey-Trainer Calcutta last weekend and he never raced. They are all important and deserve to be retired safely like (Stallwalkin’ Dude.)

“It’s always nice to have a fan favorite because the big ones help to remind us that we also need to look out for the little ones. He’s just one of 45 currently in my program and they’re all treated as equals.”

Millionaire Stallwalkin’ Dude visiting with a new friend in retirement at Premier Equine Rehab in California. Photo: Jenny Earhart

While Stallwalkin’ Dude recuperates, he’ll be let down from racing and spend time being turned out daily at PER . Earhart also took in the Jacobsen-owned Chief Lion, who was Stallwalkin’ Dude’s workmate, several months ago and hopes the two former stablemates and sometime rivals remember each other.

“They were workmates I was told and ran against each other a few times,” Earhart said. “It’s nice to have them both here.

“I really like Stallwalkin’ Dude and think he’ll be a great addition to my breed ambassador team. He acted like he’d been here forever from the minute he got off the van. He stuck his head out of the stall and was like, ‘hey, how about a peppermint?’ the first day. He’s got a great personality and temperament and someday he’s going to carry the flag, like my retirees Dhaamer and Royal F J have, at the aftercare awareness events at Santa Anita.”