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Kentucky Derby 2013: Goldencents



Goldencents is one of the most popular thoroughbreds to compete in this year’s Run For The Roses. The three-year-old colt’s witty sense of humor on social media sites such as twitter and facebook keep his fans highly amused. The winning combination of the fan-favorite Goldencents, the always smiling jockey Kevin Krigger, and Doug O’Neill, the trainer of last year’s famous champion I’ll Have Another, makes this dynamic trio easy to love and root for!

Goldencents’s racing history is impressive. He’s won the Santa Anita Derby, the Sham, and the Delta Downs Jackpot Stakes. Experts claim there is a bit of uncertainty in regards to the length of the 1¼-mile Kentucky Derby. They say his pedigree suggests he won’t handle the distance. I’m no expert, but I believe when you combine a jockey with sheer love and admiration for his horse they become a force to be reckoned with! Kevin Krigger obviously races with his heart, which will be magical to watch in the 2013 Kentucky Derby.

Goldencents is owned by W.C. Racing, Dave Kenney & RAP Racing, which consists of Louisville Cardinals coach Rick Pitino, Glen Sorgenstein, Dave Kenney, and Josh Kaplan.

Lady and The Track had the opportunity to sit down with world famous trainer Doug O’Neill to find out a little bit more about Goldencents. We learned that Goldencents and Kevin Krigger have similar personality traits and that Goldencents is secure with his “horse-hood” despite his feminine nickname around the barn.

Goldencents Interview with trainer Doug O’Neill
Trixie: Goldencents has a witty sense of humor on facebook, can you tell us who is behind his facebook persona?
Doug O’Neill: We like to keep that under-wraps but the person is part horse we are sure of that.

Trixie: Does Goldencents have a nickname around the barn?
Doug O’Neill: We call him “Goldie”. He knows it’s a feminine name, but he is secure in his man, uh horsehood.

Trixie: Can you tell us about Goldencents’s personality traits? What is his demeanor typically like?
Doug O’Neill: When he first came to us he was a bit standoffish, didn’t really interact much. And he tried to escape once or twice, but as he has grown and matured he has discovered that people are fun and he loves the attention. He is a typical colt a little bit of a biter if you let him get away with it. But he has his mind on business most of the time. He has a relaxed way about him, that’s why I think he and Kevin Krigger get a long so well. They have the same personality.

Trixie: What makes Goldencents so special? How does he differ from the other colts in your barn? How does he compare to He’s Had Enough?
Doug O’Neill: He just has a great mind, he knows his job, he keeps improving and he has a lot of natural ability. He isn’t as big as He’s Had Enough, and HHE is a tough customer, it takes a village to wrangle him.

Trixie: What are Goldencents favorite treats?
Doug O’Neill: Mrs. Pastures cookies and the treat of choice in our barn. He likes peppermints too.

Lady and The Track would like to wish Rick Pitino, Glen Sorgenstein, Dave Kenney, and Josh Kaplan, trainer Doug O’Neill, jockey Kevin Krigger, and gorgeous Goldencents the best of luck in the 2013 Kentucky Derby. Good Luck! Safe Run!

Lady and The Track would like to gratefully thank Doug O’Neill for making this interview possible. ~Trixie

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