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Jockey Profile: Dylan Davis

Dylan Davis. Photo: NYRA

Dylan Davis. Photo: NYRA

By Steve Rapoport

I spoke with Dylan Davis, a second-generation jockey, who, at age 23, is making his mark on the New York racing scene.

We spoke about his family and, particularly, the three other family members who have put their feet in the stirrups on the NYRA and northeastern circuits.

Q: When did you first ride a horse?
A: Growing up in Saratoga Springs, New York, I rode my first horse at age seven. I am one of six children — three of them are jockeys. Of course, my dad, Robbie Davis, who is now a NYRA-based trainer, was a fixture on the NYRA circuit for many years.

Q: What was your first track job?
A: I mucked out stalls and… (more)