Lady and The Track | May 26, 2018

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A Tale of Two Taras

By Tara Cochran

The author and Tara's Tango. Photo: Tara Cochran

The author and Tara’s Tango. Photo: Tara Cochran

Just beyond the fields belonging to Godolphin and Adena Springs’ farms, I arrived at the gate of Barbara Banke’s and the late Jess Jackson’s Stonestreet Farm. As I was buzzed in through the wrought iron gates that hang between two brick walls bearing the crimson and gold Stonestreet Farm sign, I felt as though I was being given special access to another world — a world where perfectly manicured grass and trees line wooden fence lines danced upon by squirrels who, if they could talk, would undoubtedly say, “Welcome. I eat better than you. I am living better than you.” (As I came to learn, the groundhogs on the property also eat better than me.)

It was an escape from the sounds of the highway I had driven in on, an escape from the thoughts that may have consumed me earlier in the day, and the daily reality for the many mares who occupy the fields that I slowly drove past in awe.

I suppose this could describe any major farm in Kentucky or a drive down… (more)