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Jockeys Do Matter When Handicapping The Breeders’ Cup

By Noel Michaels

Jockey Mike Smith will be aboard Palace Malice in the 2013 Kentucky Derby.

Jockey Mike Smith.

Handicapping the Breeders’ Cup is a complex puzzle with too many variables to list. We must weigh factors such as speed, pace, trainers, current form and much more in order to come up with selections in every Breeders’ Cup race.

However, no matter how well a horse is prepared or how well the horse has been spotted, once the bell rings and the gates open, it is just the horses and their jockeys who are ultimately responsible for the outcomes of the races — and whether or not you will cash your bets or tear up your tickets.

Good handicappers know that you just can’t base your handicapping solely on betting the leading jockeys all of the time, especially at the Breeders’ Cup, where, let’s face it, they’re all top jockeys. So, when it comes to jockey handicapping in the Breeders’ Cup, horseplayers will need to delve far beyond just looking at the various current win percentages of the jockeys named to ride.

At this level, you are dealing with the best of the best, and just picking a jockey with a good current record is… (more)