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Ms. Racing Queen; Interview with Tatiana Schoeppler

Ms. Racing Queen.

Ms. Racing Queen at the 2013 Florida Derby at Gulfstream Park.

Tatiana Schoeppler won the 2013 Ms. Racing Queen pageant on March 24, 2013 at Gulfstream Park. The friendly Californian will represent The Stronach Group Racing Association by traveling to different racetracks across the nation to promote thoroughbred racing, learn more about the sport, and to meet new fans.

The Lady and The Track team had the opportunity to meet Tatiana Schoeppler and were pleased to report that this former NHL Tampa Bay Lightening Cheerleader is not only beautiful, but also intelligent and approachable. It’s important for Tatiana to let the fans know that she is thrilled to take on the role of Ms. Racing Queen.

Tatiana Schoeppler, Ms. Racing Queen stated, “I want everyone to know that I am truly excited to learn more about the sport of racing and to be able to excite others about the sport!”

Tatiana is approachable and friendly at the track adding, “I would love to hear from fans online and to meet as many people as possible at the races.”

We sat down for a casual interview with the newly crowned Ms. Racing Queen to find out everything from what she did for work before winning the pageant to which horse she likes to win the 2013 Kentucky Derby!

Tatiana Schoeppler at the 2013 Ms. Racing Queen pageant.

Tatiana Schoeppler at the 2013 Ms. Racing Queen pageant.

About Tatiana Schoeppler, Ms. Racing Queen:
Trixie: How old are you?
Tatiana: 26

Trixie:Have you won pageants in the past? If so please tell us which ones.
Tatiana: Yes! I started competing in pageants when I was 16 in Florida and was 3rd Runner up to Miss Florida Teen USA 2005, Top 15 at Miss Florida USA 2008, and Top 12 at Miss Massachusetts USA 2009. I have won and held the titles of Miss Citrus Teen 2005, Miss Clearwater USA 2007, Miss St. Petersburg USA 2008, and Miss Gasparilla 2009.

Trixie: Do you have a nickname besides “Ms. Racing Queen?”
Tatiana: Some of my friends call me “T” or “Tati” for short.

Trixie: Why did you decide to enter the Ms. Racing Queen pageant?
Tatiana: My grandfather used to go the race track when we were little and I have always had an interest in the sport but knew nothing about it. When I heard of the pageant and the prize was the chance to travel and become the brand ambassador for the sport I figured I should check it out and had nothing to lose! On the first day of competition I fell in love. The energy, atmosphere, and watching the races at Santa Anita had me hooked. I spent the following weeks until the finals trying to learn as much as possible about the sport and handicapping.

Trixie: What did you do for a living before the Ms. Racing Queen pageant?
Tatiana: I have my real estate license and worked as a commercial real estate agent is downtown Los Angeles.

Trixie: What has been your most interesting job since being crowned Ms. Racing Queen?
Tatiana: I had the opportunity to attend both the Florida Derby and Santa Anita Derby and was a judge for the hat contest at each. It was actually quite hard to pick a winner since I loved the creativity of some and beauty of others!

Ms. Racing Queen Pageant 2013.

Tatiana Schoeppler in her Race Wear at the 2013 Ms. Racing Queen pageant.

Trixie: When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Tatiana: I always dreamed of being a princess, but to be honest…I wanted to be an astronaut! I would come home from school and cut out newspaper clippings that related to astronomy. I was fascinated.

Trixie: Who do you admire professionally?
Tatiana: I really admire my father for his work ethic and also Mr. Frank Stronach who had the vision of Ms. Racing Queen. Both are brilliant men in my eyes and have achieved much success professionally. They are both proof that ambition and drive no matter where you have come from will take you far in life.

Trixie: What is your favorite song at the moment?
Tatiana: I really like the song “Its Time” by the Imagine Dragons.

Trixie: Do you own a horse? Do you have any pets?
Tatiana: I don’t own a horse; however it is something I would eventually like to do! I do have a small dog, a yorkie/maltese mix named “Stuff Nugget.” His crazy name sounds like a race horse.

Trixie: You are obviously in tiptop shape. Do you play sports regularly or have a specific workout routine?
Tatiana: I absolutely love Barry’s Bootcamp classes in LA. I either attend those classes or focus on high intensity interval training and do various exercises with free weights and resistance bands at the gym. Healthy eating is also a big factor to staying in shape and feeling good. I try to exercise 4-5 days a week and stay away from sugar.

Trixie: What’s your best-kept beauty secret?
Tatiana: I love using Kenra Silkening Mist not only on my hair but as skin moisturizer as well. It really gives a brilliant shine all over.

Trixie: Who is your favorite hat designer?
Tatiana: I love both LA based Louise Green and NY based Christine Moore Millinery. Both designers are extremely talented and I have had the privilege to wear some of their pieces! They are stunning and unique.

Ms. Racing Queen picks the winner of the hat competition.

Ms. Racing Queen picks the winner of the hat competition.

Trixie: People out there want to know what your plans are with the $100,000 you won. Have you decided how to spend the money?
Tatiana: I would love to take a vacation to Europe but actually have no plans to spend the money anytime soon! I want to be smart with my winnings and invest wisely either with a business or venture that can grow long term. The money will also provide me with the opportunity to travel and really be the best ambassador possible for thoroughbred racing throughout the next year.

Trixie: What do you do for fun?
Tatiana: I love to play with my dog, hike, and workout for fun! I also enjoy cooking and going to the movies and since I am always so busy I enjoy moments like that!

Tatiana and Horse Racing:
Trixie: Had you ever placed a bet on a horse before the pageant?
Tatiana: I placed a bet on a horse for the first time at the pageant! I had accidentally selected the wrong horse…and he ended up winning.

Florida Derby 2013. (from left to right) Katie Abbott, Social Media Coordinator for Santa Anita Park, Ms. Racing Queen Tatiana Schoeppler, and Trixie of Lady and The Rack.

Florida Derby 2013. (from left to right) Katie Abbott, Social Media Coordinator for Santa Anita Park, Ms. Racing Queen Tatiana Schoeppler, and Trixie of Lady and The Rack.

Trixie: Do you find betting easy to understand at the track?
Tatiana: I think understanding how to place a bet is easy; however I think becoming a great handicapper is a skill and does take some time. A lot of people do well right out the gate without having a background betting or prior knowledge of the horses so I think everyone should at least experience the track and try it out.

Trixie: Who is your all time favorite horse?
Tatiana: Seabiscuit. I just love the underdog story and how he gave so much heart during the races.

Trixie: Do you have a favorite pick for the 2013 Kentucky Derby?
Tatiana: This is a tough one. I don’t have a favorite pick just yet but I think “Orb” is going to be a tremendous competitor as I’m sure all of the horses will be. Watching him sprint to the finish at the Florida Derby was amazing. He had such a kick to close out that race…I was impressed.

Trixie: What’s your favorite thing about the racetrack?
Tatiana: The energy! The track is a true social venue where you can mingle, place a bet, eat, laugh, see the horses and jockeys up close before the race, and cheer for them during the race. Everyone is excited and the excitement is contagious.

Trixie: How would you introduce young women to horse racing that may admire you throughout the year?
Tatiana: I would encourage them to come to the track with some friends and make a memorable experience of it. Dress up in dresses and hats, walk around, pick up a program, ask questions, place some bets, and just have fun!

Trixie: Do you think fashion is a big part of the experience at the track?
Tatiana: I do. I think the fashion aspect really enhances the overall experience and since racing is considered “The Sport of Kings”, dressing nice and wearing a fun hat or fascinator makes you feel like royalty. It’s a feeling you don’t get from watching or attending other sporting events.

Trixie: If you had the opportunity to name a racehorse, what would you name him?
Tatiana: Hmm…I would name him Powder Muffin. I don’t have an explanation for this name but I like it!

Trixie: Do you enjoy watching races on the dirt or turf?
Tatiana: Personally, I like watching the races on the dirt.

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Lady and The Track would like to sincerely thank Tatiana Schoeppler and Jennifer Vitrella for taking the time to make this interview possible. ~Trixie