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Horse Owner Morgan Lynn Joseph Defines South Florida Track Fashion

Morgan Lynn Joseph

Morgan Lynn Joseph (dressed in poppy red) poses with friends and family for photographers during the 2013 Florida Derby at Gulfstream Park.

South Florida racetracks such as Gulfstream Park and Calder Race Course are full of excitement and class just as much as any other track across the nation. The only element lacking in the tropical trackside environment is fashion and style, which is completely understandably (but not excusable) in the South Florida sun.

Lucky lady Morgan Lynn Joseph not only owns and trains talented thoroughbreds with her husband Saffie A. Joseph, Jr., she brings a glamorous style all her own on race day that captures the essence of how a lady should look and feel while spending time at the track.

Lady and The Track sat down with Morgan Lynn Joseph for an informal, yet charming and imformative, Q&A to learn a little more about her horse Artefacto, who is racing at Calder Race Course on Saturday, July 6, 2013, and her colt Isutalkintome, who placed 6th at Calder last week. We also gained refreshing ideas from Morgan’s flawless fashion sense. Her head-turning graceful presence at the track is always inspiring!


About Morgan Lynn Joseph:
Have you been involved with horses throughout your life?
“Yes, although it wasn’t until later in life that I was introduced to the world of Thoroughbred Race Horses. As a young girl I rode Dressage and Jumpers, this was only after my mother had no choice when I ripped off my ballet tights and screamed all the way to dance class. My dream was to own my own ridding horse and for my birthday Saffie rescued a three year old ex-race horse named Victor.”

Morgan Lynn Joseph

Morgan Lynn Joseph and her rescued retired racehorse named Victor.

How old were you when you first visited a racetrack?
“I was in my early twenty’s when I traveled overseas to visit my first racetrack in Barbados, “The Garrison Savannah”. My advice to anybody visiting a track for the first time is to research the track before you go. You’ll be able to find seating, dinning and dress code for that particular facility.”

What’s your favorite part of being around horse’s everyday?
“Working everyday with our horses creates such a great bond, I love to walk by each stall and call their names to see who will greet me. I love kissing, petting and talking to these beautiful animals. When my husband gets home from trips the first thing he does is kiss all the horses and I’m usually the last in line.”

“I once heard a quote from a movie that I found to be so true and funny ‘Like the English, we only show affection to our horses and dogs.'”

El Gato Malo

El Gato Malo

Do you have other pets? Are you an animal lover?
“We have our traditional barn cat “El Gato Malo”. No other animals at the moment.”

Are you superstitious before a race? Do you perform any strange rituals before your horse’s race?
“Very superstitious, I try and break some superstitions because they tend to add more pressure before a race. Its silly but the colors we wear on race day are of importance. We put a certain amount of braids in the mains and we never bet on our horses.”

How many horses do you own with Saffie that are currently in training?
“We currently own 12 horses.”

Is training the horses a family affair? We read that Saffie Joseph Jr. has a family history of winning horses in Barbados.
“Saffie Joseph, Jr. (my husband) is a third generation Owner and Trainer. He has been brought up by the legacy of his Grandfather and the teachings of his Father who were both great horsemen. Being raised to achieve greatness in such a rich history of sportsmanship is what gives us the reason to uphold this family’s significant contribution in Horse Racing. Saffie Jr’s grandfather “Attie Joseph” started racing in Trinidad during the 1950’s and quickly became an icon in the West Indies. Saffie Jr’s Father (Saffie Joseph Sr.) continued his father’s enthusiasm in racing in Barbados during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s where he became a competitive force in the racing industry. In 1999 Saffie Jr’s brother “Attie Joseph III” was the youngest owner to win the Barbados Gold Cup , which is the most prestigious race in the Caribbean. In 2007 to continue in his footsteps as owner and trainer in Barbados Saffie Jr’s father entrusted him with his first foal “Walk on By”. This was the start of Saffie Jr’s career in Barbados. In 2011 Saffie Jr made his move to the United States to put his footprints in the Great American Racing World. This was only after his prized Triple Crown Winner “Areutalkintome” had a career stopping injury at the racetrack. Only great stories come with the most tragic of beginnings.”

Saffie Joseph, Jr.

Morgan and husband Saffie Joseph, Jr. currently own 12 horses.

Do you feel dressing up for the track is a major part of the experience?
“It is one of the most important things for me; I always try to preserve the important role that women have in racing. I would look through pictures of the tailored made dresses that Saffie’s mother and aunts would wear at races, they put forth a very graceful and stylish fashion for how a woman should look at races. It has become customary for me to always try and wear the colors that our in the Jockey silks, which is a great tip for any woman trying create their own style in this exceptional sport of kings.”

Do you have a favorite hat designer? If so, who?
“I cannot say that I have any favorite hat designers; I’m just a collector, sorry ladies. My Mother-In-Law would come over with her hot glue gun and we would create our own hat designs to match our outfits.”


Artefacto training at Calder Race Course on May 5th. Artefacto will race at Calder on July 6, 2013.

You always appear very well put together at the track. Where do you shop for your track attire?
“I love finding new boutiques for dresses; a great shop is “Etiquette” in Fort Lauderdale right off of 17th Street and Cordova. For stakes races I love Cache, they have great form fitting dresses. Also BCBG has great floor length dresses and fun color pallets to choose from. A great tip is if you find the perfect dress but it’s a little too long or baggy, take it into the tailors and have it fit to your body.”

What would be your best advice for a beginner at the track?
“Its always fun when you can make a personal connection with a horse, jockey, owner or trainer. Try and follow your favorites when you visit the track. Make your trips to the Track a Family Affair, my parents are always there to support us and enjoy bringing all the grandchildren to enjoy the awe and beauty of the horses. Definitely go see the horses parade in the saddling enclosure, it’s a great way to pick horses on looks if your betting and don’t know how to read the form book. Win Bets (picking one horse to come in first place) are the easiest to play, always start off with a small bet because if you’re an amateur at the betting window you may end up with a big surprise when they ring up all your exactas and trifecta’s.”

Do you have any “up and comers” at your barn that we should take note of?
“Well, we just brought in six new two year old and they are all looking fantastic. My favories are sired by Harlington, Northern Afleet and Strong Contendor.”


Morgan Lynn Joseph stated her fondest memory of Artefacto is swimming in the ocean with him when he was a baby.


About Artefacto:
Artefacto is a five-year-old that has placed first in four of his eight career races. He finished the 2012 Smile Sprint Handicap in 4th place but is expected to make an impressive comeback on Saturday. 
What race will Artefacto run in at Calder on July 6, 2013?
“We have Artefacto double entered but he is reserve 1 in the Smile and we won’t know until either the morning of if any scratches come up. The Smile is our first choice; However, he will run the turf race (Bob Umphrey Turf Sprint) if we cannot get in the Smile Stakes.” 

Why did Artefacto take a break from the track?
“Artefacto had some minor issues but has such a great attitude that he has bounced back and is ready to run!”

How would you say he is progressing?
“So far so good, we have taken our time with him and he is looking and feeling fantastic.”

What races are you pointing Artefacto towards?
“We plan to get him ready for the SMILE.”


Artefacto is described as a smart horse who knows his way around a plane.

How did Artefacto get his name?
“We saw a store named Artefacto and really were taken by the name.”

Does he have a nickname around the barn?
“Yes, King Arty, He loves the attention.”

What are Artefacto’s favorite treats?
“Artefacto’s favorite treats are when the Lead Ponies visit the barn, he goes crazy for the Ponies …lol he’s a mint and carrot man”

How would you describe Artefacto’s personality?
“He definitely has a mind of a colt but such a gentleman when it really counts. He has traveled with us to Barbados and knows his way around a plane, we couldn’t ask for a smarter horse.”

What’s your fondest Artefacto moment?
“It would have to be swimming in the Caribbean Ocean with him as a baby.”


About Isyoutalkintome:
Four-year-old Isutalkintome recently raced at Calder Race Course on June 29, 2013.

Do the fans in Barbados follow Isutalkintome after Areutalkintome’s Barbados Triple Crown win?
“Yes, the punters and racing fans in Barbados love to know that we are trying to keep the tradition alive with names.”

Please tell us how Isutalkintome got his name?
“Not only do we want to keep the name alive but we had a friend in Barbados who would call “Areutalkintome”…”Isutalkintome” and we thought that would be another great name for one of our horses.”

Does he have a nickname around the barn?
“Brown Bear or Isu.”


Isutalkintome recently raced at Calder Race Course. He’s described as a shy horse that likes to hang with the boys!

How would you describe Isutalkintome’s personality?
“Isu keeps to himself most of the time and likes his boys, he’s not a fan of the ladies (i.e. me).”

What are Isyoutalkintome’s favorite treats?
“He loves mints, at first he didn’t know how to chew them so he would keep it in his mouth and suck on them until it reached his lips and would fall out.”

What is your favorite Isyoutalkintome memory thus far?
“Isu was one of our first horses brought to Calder from the OBS Sales, he was such a mature colt and really gave us a great start in America.”

For more information on Saffie Joseph, Jr. or becoming an owner with Saffie Joseph, Jr. Racing, you can email Saffie at or visit the website

Lady and The Track would like to wish Saffie Joseph, Jr., Morgan Lynn Joseph, jockey Edgard Zayas, and the beautiful Artefacto the best of luck at Calder Race Course on Saturday. Good Luck! Safe Run!

Morgan Lynn Joseph

What will Morgan Lynn Joseph wear to Calder Race Course to watch Artefacto cross the finish line?