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Clips: Victor Espinoza Eliminated on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Clips: Victor Espinoza Eliminated on ‘Dancing with the Stars’- Enthusiasm kept Triple Crown-winning jockey Victor Espinoza and Karina Smirnoff in the mix through the first elimination on Dancing with the Stars. Unfortunately, the next episode resulted in the cute pair leaving the series.

On Monday night, Team Espinoff chose a song reminiscent of the celebrity half’s hometown. The dynamic duo picked “La Bamba” by Los Lobos to represent Espinoza’s hometown of Hidalgo, Mexico. Similar to last week, Team Espinoff looked sexy and entertaining in their performance.

Victor dances to “La Bamba” on Monday night:

Entertainment value factors in this competition because fans, as well as three judges, evaluate the contestants. Espinoza pulled off his part well. The camera initially focused on him kneeled down and quietly stroking his guitar. He wore a traditional Mexican outfit with a sombrero on top. Two male backup dancers kneeled down behind him, and when the time came, they all stood up.

While the extras started to play their guitars, Espinoza put down his instrument and, like last week, gyrated his hips. The sexy dancing continued when they threw Espinoza down the steps, where Smirnoff awaited the world-famous jockey in a stunning outfit appropriate for the song. Espinoza kneeled down in the middle and held Smirnoff’s hand, and she pranced around him.

The team continued to perform fluidly. Espinoza stood again, and the duo maintained the fast tempo. They linked close together shortly, before Smirnoff spun away in a blazing twist and the four dancers on stage moved their feet in unison. Reunited with Smirnoff, the duo skipped along the floor in an effortless, yet quick fashion. Espinoza gave Smirnoff a few more spins before he slid underneath and then hopped over Smirnoff, giving her an opening to go across the room for the finale.

Victor & Karina put on a fun show:

Smirnoff waited across the floor with Espinoza’s sombrero as he ran over and slid perfectly. She replaced the hat and they embraced to a cheering crowd.

“If I could just score you on enthusiasm and cuteness, you would get a 10 from me,” Judge Carrie Ann Inaba told the pair. “However, we have to score some other things.”

Victor receives a ten for cuteness:

Inaba did not joke around with the second part of her statement. She gave them a six, as did Bruno Tonioli. Julianne Hough rated their dance a five, which made the total score 17. At least, they survived and competed on Tuesday night. Celebrity Chaka Khan and professional partner Keo Motsepe left the competition with a low combined judges’ score of 15, and likely few fan votes.

Victor receives his scores on Monday night:

One night later, Team Espinoff went at a slower pace with the song “Girl on Fire,” by Alicia Keys. Before the performance, they showed a somewhat awkward clip of Espinoza comparing his dance with Smirnoff to controlling American Pharoah on the racetrack. Espinoza wore a dark, unbuttoned shirt and Smirnoff had on a longer dress for the rumba act.

Victor opens up his dance on Tuesday evening: 

Rather than jump around, as with the jive-centered dance the previous night, the pair seemed content to make their actions in the same spot. At the end, Espinoza kneeled down and and embraced Smirnoff, and their final dance ended.

Victor & Karina finish out their last dance:

Judges Inaba and Tonioli each gave a seven. Hough, staying true to the pattern of going one lower, showed a six. This made their combined total 20, ironically higher than Monday night. They had to leave anyway, possibly hinting at the fans’ power in the series. Espinoza parted ways gracefully.

Victor explains his American Pharaoh comment to Erin:

“Tonight was just special for me, because I want to dance for Karina and everybody else with all my heart,” he said.

Dancing with the Stars failed to work out, but life holds many other positive situations and challenges for Espinoza. American Pharoah makes his final career start in the Breeders’ Cup Classic (GI) at Keeneland next month. Espinoza can make fans proud in his real profession.

Victor & Karina hug and receive their scores: